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Impactivity: Talking Without Limits - Hike Time!

Welcome back to the Impactivity: Talking Without Limits Blog. It has been an absolute whirlwind since the first entry and the support has continued to grow and our impact on mental health is starting to grow as well.

One of our main aims at Impactivity was to bring men together to complete physical challenges to encourage communication surrounding mental health and raise awareness for this cause using our #BigMenCanTalk campaign. The vision was to make the challenges harder as the years go on and the first challenge set was hiking up Mount Snowdon (weather put an end to this for now!)

However the bad weather wasn't going to stop the first ever Big Men Can Talk group from completing a challenge. Instead we hiked up "The Roaches and Lud Church" path in the Peak District and enjoyed 10 miles of scrambling, wind and rain. Every single member of the team pushing everyone forward through the awful weather to complete the first challenge....

Little do they know they still have Snowdon to climb in a couple of weeks!!

Elsewhere Impactivity are excited to be talking to several schools, university's and sports teams about delivering our #EverybodyCanTalk workshops to keep spreading the word around mental health and using sport as the tool to bring positive change!! So if you are interested in any of our programs please email and get yourself booked in!

Until next time!

Andy Ryley,

Founder of Impactivity: Talking Without Limits

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