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Impactivity: Talking Without Limits - A conversation with...

Well what can I say the last couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind here at Impactivity towers. The success of our workshops, the development of our rugby program in partnership with Queen Mary Grammar School and now a flash forward into the modern ages with the official Impactivity podcast "A conversation with..."

Aimed at increasing awareness surrounding mental health issues and removing the stigma surrounding these conversations we are sure that these episodes will inspire people to hopefully open up to their friends, family and colleagues if they are struggling mentally.

So far we have had three amazing guests over the course of the three episodes in Season 1. First up was Sophie Marsh from Sophie's Stories who not only is the hit author of "The Stay Home Super Heroes" but also a child and young persons play and creative therapist. We spoke about the benefits of creative therapy and writing on your mental health and the creation of her hit book, plus much more!

Secondly we had sport psychologist Chloe Mundell stop by to pay us a visit to speak about mental health from an elite sport perspective. Here we spoke about mental toughness/resilience, the difference between performance and social anxiety as well as her experiences with Team Wales in the lead up to the commonwealth games.

And last up in November was Karlos Morgan. A chance to sit down man to man and talk about our feelings - something that is unfortunately a rarity. In this episode we spoke about Karlos' diagnosis with Borderline personality disorder, the benefits of rugby and sport on your mental health as well as a big shout out to our beloved rugby club Aston Old Edwardians.

As we head towards Christmas there are many more amazing guests heading your way so be sure to join in as we are joined by: The Therapeutic Rainbow CIC, Lee Anderson Coaching, Craig Williams (Rugby Coach) and Ryan Genge (former prison officer) to name but a few! I really hope you have enjoyed the first few episodes, here's to many more!

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Yours in coaching,

Andy Ryley

Founder of Impactivity: Talking Without Limits

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