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Happy New Year - 2022 The Year of Positivity

This picture was taken in February 2021. I had recently been diagnosed with depression and was feeling lost in what my next move was going to be. The only thing that was keeping me busy was getting active and trying to enjoy as much physical activity as possible.

That was when the lightbulb moment hit me. I could use my knowledge of sports coaching and teaching physical education to help people who were struggling with their mental health... This then snowballed into conversations with The Princes Trust and then eventually the creation of Impactivity: Talking Without Limits.

As I look back over the last 12 months it has been one hell of a journey but one I would not change for anything. On personal terms I am still a work in progress and my demons still get the upper hand some days, but then I remind myself of the good Impactivity is doing and what the message of Everybody Can Talk can do for people.

Onto 2022 - Resolutions or Revelations?

Now I find myself in 2022 wondering what the next move for Impactivity: Talking Without Limits will be. I can tell you this right now... it's getting busier and I could not be happier about this fact.

The first big news came just before Christmas and that was new partnership with a charity based in Leamington Spa called Make Good Grow - They match good will companies to other business in the hope of a mutual interest to make change. That is where Anna Jester from Jester will come in with her amazing knowledge of Leadership and bringing the company forward on this front.

I am also pleased to announce a partnership with Active Sports Maghull who were also originally created with the support of the Princes Trust. They create "Active Lifestyles across the North West by providing fun, healthy inclusive activities for all!" We look forward to expanding the coaches knowledge on mental health in sport and further enhancing the coaching they deliver to participants all over the North West - An exciting time for both companies!

There are plenty more announcements to come over the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Yours In Coaching,

Andy Ryley

Founder of Impactivity: Talking Without Limits

#TalkingWithoutLimits #EverybodyCanTalk #BigMenCanTalk

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